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About the Founder

Eric J. Winston founded SFDS in 2005 by happenstance. His construction firm was in the middle of several residential projects when a friend was in need of someone to fabricate an exhibition for Formavison, which then grew into a second, and then a third event. Eric realized that the quick pace coupled with his 15 year construction background were ideally suited for doing special events, and thus SFDS was born starting out in a 1,000 square foot shop to its current 15,000 square foot incarnation.

Eric’s uncanny ability to grasp a concept and see through to the end of a project from the moment an idea is presented is the driving force behind the perfection that SFDS exemplifies. Eric personally oversees every single project that comes through SFDS.



We are always on the hunt for talented genius craftspeople for freelance employment. If you like what we do and have experience in the fields of carpentry, theatrical fabrication, metalwork, drafting, or scenic painting then reach out and see what we can do together. Email resumes, cover letters, and work samples to eric@sfdshop.com

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